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Spark Innovation Group is Menai's leading provider of solar panel installations and power storage battery systems. Our 5-star rated team of licensed electricians specialises in both residential and commercial solar power installations in Menai.

Daniel's work, communication, punctuality and advice was terrific. We are really happy with the outcome.

Donna Sinclair

5-Star Rated Solar Panel Installation

Unleash the power of the sun with our solar installation solutions. With over 20+ years in the electrical industry, we'll design a solar system that's a perfect fit for your home or business in Menai.

Expertise in Residential Solar Installations

Imagine a life where your energy bills plummet and your home runs on pure, natural sunlight. Our skilled team specialises in residential solar installations, focusing on custom solutions that meet your home's energy needs.

Empower Your Business, Secure Your Future

From small businesses to large enterprises, we provide solar energy systems that not only save you money but also reduce your carbon footprint. Our customised solutions cater to your commercial space and energy consumption patterns.

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Solar Panel Installation & Repairs for all Major Brands

Energy Efficient Power Storage Batteries

Harness continuous power with our smart battery solutions. Break free from grid dependency and rollercoaster energy costs. Our battery systems ensure that you have a consistent energy supply, day and night, rain or shine.

The Smart Way to Use Your Solar Energy

Why give away the excess solar energy you generate when you could be storing it for future use? Our intelligent battery systems allow you to keep that extra energy, saving you even more on your bills. Let our Menai solar power and battery experts help you save.

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • All Work 100% Guaranteed
  • 5-Star Rated Service
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Your Trusted Team of Local Electricians

With 100% Guarantees & 5-Star ratings, you're in safe hands with us. Talk to our team of solar panel installation specialists now on 02 9524 7167

Solar Power System Breakdowns & Repairs

We specialise in diagnosing and rectifying solar power system faults like unresponsive solar inverters, wiring faults, and malfunctioning PV panels and components. If your solar power system is not performing as expected, let our team help!

Solar Power System Fault Repairs

If your solar power system is not performing as expected or not recording the solar power being produced, our skilled technicians can help. From intermittent power issues to damaged solar panels, we can rectify any fault your system has.

Commercial & Residential Solar Power Repairs

From troubleshooting underperforming systems to rectifying problems with system connectivity and ageing components, Spark Innovation Group offers a full spectrum of repair services tailored to both commercial and residential solar power systems in Menai.

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Yes! We Offer Solar Maintenance Too

Enhance your solar system's performance and save money with our easy and affordable solar care, service, and upgrades for better energy efficiency.


System Clean

Less dirt = more light = more energy

$219 inc GST

6-12 Panels

$259 inc GST

13-24 Panels

Solar panel cleaning services in Menai

Each solar panel is cleaned, filtering out minerals to ensure streak free drying.

What kind of dirt blocks sunlight:

  • Dirt, dust, grime
  • Pollution if you live in a busy area or near lots of traffic
  • Bird, possum or bat droppings
  • Tree debris, leaves, and branches
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations and sunlight exposure
  • Weather-related wear and tear
  • Loose or damaged wiring connections
  • Shading from nearby structures or vegetation


Health Check

Ensure your system is running at peak performance

$249 inc GST

6-12 Panels

$289 inc GST

13-24 Panels

Solar panel servicing and maintenance

Here's what’s included in your solar health check and report.

Health Check List:

  • Inspect and record inverter readings
  • Make, model and serial number
  • Test of installation
  • VOC and ISC
  • Insulation resistance and irradiance
  • Check racking installation - method and integrity
  • Remove debris - eg leaves and other fire hazards
  • Check for roof leaks or damage to roof
  • Recommendations on any maintenance to be done with a quote attached

Cleaning + Service

Perfect Combination

$349 inc GST

6-12 Panels

$399 inc GST

13-24 Panels

Freshly cleaned and serviced solar panels

Get both cleaning and service at one low price. The ultimate solar service combination!

Complete system clean and health check items:

  • Thoroughly clean for optimal performance
  • Address pollution for efficient energy production
  • Clear bird droppings for a safe setup
  • Manage lichen for system longevity
  • Handle tree debris for unobstructed operation
  • Ensure wiring connections for safety
  • Evaluate and manage shading issues
  • Health check with inverter readings
  • Check insulation, irradiance, and overall integrity

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With 100% Guarantees & 5-Star ratings, you're in safe hands with us. Talk to our solar power, battery & EV charger specialists now on 02 9524 7167

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1st year subscription for system monitoring

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Licensed Electricians Your Safety Always Comes First

When you work with Spark Innovation Group, you'll be using a team with 20+ years of electrical experience and a flawless safety record. When performing electrical work on your home or business, we always adhere to Australian electrical safety codes of practice.

Daniel from Spark Innovation was great! I am very happy with the quality of work that was completed. Communication & level of service 5 stars!

Catherine Stokes

5-Star Rated Services 100's of Satisfied Clients - Come Join Us!

Client satisfaction is the core foundation on which we structure all decisions around. We prioritise understanding your specific energy needs and preferences, ensuring every aspect of our service, from initial consultation to final installation, aligns with your expectations.

The service Spark Innovation provided in our home exceeded our expectations. They delivered exceptional service, with great attention to detail that was cost effective and reliable.

Bradley Copper

Get Your Solar Power Job Done the Right Way!

Ask us anything about your solar power job below. Our 5-star service and 100% guarantee means you're in safe hands.

From Menai to Wollongong We service 's surrounding areas too!

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